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What is Derkowska Handmade?

Sewing machine


Sewing is one of my favorite things to do. Looking for patterns, finding the perfect fabric, cutting it, and sewing together has something calming in it. On top of that, the end result is a beautiful and useful product that I can dress me or my loved ones or I can sell it for other people to enjoy.


I discovered crocheting only a couple of months before sewing stole my heart. I still love it. Creating shawls, blankets, hats, baskets of different threads, and yarns is my second love right now. I enjoy using all of my projects and I hope you will too.

Crochet needle
Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets

Sometimes I just love to go back to my childhood and rediscover things that made my happy back then. One of those things was creating friendship bracelets. My best friend from primary school showed me how to do them years before the internet became widely used and searching books with patterns or making up our own was very exciting. Right now it’s so much easier to find the perfect pattern and just get to it but the memories are what makes them so beautiful for me. Do you also like good old friendship bracelets?

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